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inpatient drug rehab successFinding a quality alcohol treatment or drug rehab center in Oklahoma is very difficult if you don't have someone you can trust to recommend a quality program.

This site was created to help parents, loved ones and individuals in need of alcohol or other drug treatment to have a reliable helpline where by they can get professional advice on what rehab centers in Oklahoma have the best outcomes.

When you call our number, you will be talking to a Oklahoma Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor that is a Board Approved Supervisor and is very familiar with all of the drug treatment facilites in Oklahoma and surrounding states, especially Texas.

Many people think it is better to leave their home state to get alcohol or drug rehab, which is commonly a good suggestion, but if a person is on probation or parole, it is almost certain that going to another state for treatment is out of the question.

Fortunately for residents of Oklahoma, there are effective drug rehab centers that also handled alcohol treatment in Oklahoma, however, it is important that you find the appropriate rehab center for your level of addiction.

There are many considerations when selecting an appropriate rehab center:

1. Does it have a comprehensive theraputic program that handles every effected area of one's addiction. You can build a car, but if you leave off the stearing wheel, it won't perform. Similarly, if you get alocohol or drug treatment and there is a area of your life that wasn't rehabilitated, then it is just a matter of time until you relapsel.

2. Is the length of stay adequate to address all outpoints in your life and take the time and have the expertise to correct these problems?

3. Are the restrictions placed on the clients suppressive and cause resentment towards treatment and staff.

Oklahoma Drug Rehabs.org has been in the alcohol and drug rehab field for over 30 years. Our counselors have at least a Master's Degree in Addiction Counseling. We have inspected over 100 alcohol and other drug treatment centers, on sight. Our staff have directed alcohol and drug treatment centers and been inspectors for the acccreditation of quality treatment. Our Director provides continuing educaiton for licensed alcohol and drug counselors thoughout Oklahoma. Learn from the experience that can only come from years of work and education in this field.

Call your Oklahoma neighbor and find out what is the right course of action for your particular problem.

Contact us now by filling out the form below or call us at 1-888-781-7060 to find alcohol and drug rehab programs in Oklahoma or throughout the US.

What You Should Do if You Have an Alcohol or Drug Problem or Addiction

The fact that you have found this site and are reading it, means that you are concerned about your alcohol and drug use or that of somone dear to you. It probably means that you are in Oklahoma as well. You probably have many more questions about your alcohol or drug use than you have facts.

About half of the US, around 160 million people drink alcohol, of those, about 55 million could be classified as problem drinkers and of this group, about 16 million have a serious problem.

Where are you in this continuum?

You have probably heard the term: "denial". Cinically speaking, Denial, is the ones ability to minimize the severity of a problem or to not fully consider the extent of how serious an addiction may truly be.

Certainly, there are degrees of denial, but almost every drug addict or alcoholic tends to minimize their problem. They will defend themselves with statements like: "I only drink to relax, everyone does that..., I can quit anytime, I just like the taste of beer...Pot helps me relax" These comments are to are actually hiding the fact that the person really feels that if they quit drinking or using drugs, they will behave in a manner that isn't representative of who they are and they will hurt the ones they love.

Drugs and alcohol have become "medications" to help the person maintain in his stable thinking.

If you have someone in your life that has problems with alcohol or other drugs, you should call and talk to our counselors since they are Licensed in Oklahoma and have the ability to administer screening test that have been constructed to see through denial and to very closely evaluate the extent of one's addiction. This can be done over the phone or in person.

History of Treatment In the U.S.Inpatient Drug Rehab Center

History has documented that Americans have been using drugs, such as opiates or opium since they first settled in this country. by the time of the Civil War, there were large populations of our country that were dysfunctional because of addiction to alcohol or the use and addiction to the drugs available in those days.

The problems became so severe that there were large temperence movements that would preach the sins of Demon Rum and asked the public to sign pledges to abstain from frequenting saloons and other liquor establishments.

This movement joined with the Women's Right to Vote movement and picked up enough interest that it actually led to the the country passing the 18th amendment to the Constitution and in 1920, Prohibition began.

Prohibition began midnight January 16, 1920. With in 24 hours, law enforcement had raided two stills in Detroit and two stills in Hammond, Indiana. Ten Days later, law enforcement agents raided a still near Pelham, Georgia, that a capacity of 500 gallons per day.

Prohibition was a great financial boon to our neighbor to the north, Canada, The movement of Americans across the border was a helping the Canadian economy and hurting the economy of the U.S. During Prohibition, Canada exproted over 1,000,000 gallons of alcohol to the US yearly. (Interesting enough, now people are going to Canada for cheaper prescription drugs.)

Prohibition opened a black market to bootlegging and Oklahoma was in front of the competition in fullfilling the need for this contraband. Of course there were no regulations on how this liquor was being distilled and many people went blind, became cripled or lost their minds to the poisons that were made from badly distill sugar, water, yeast and many times, juicy garbage. Bad alcohol killed 25 men in three days in New York City in October 1928.

Many people turned to vanilla extract and medicines that had large alcohol contents, but these types of alcohol would give them jake-foot or jake-leg, which was a temporaty cripledness. There were 8,000 cases of these problem in Mississippi in one year.

As Hollywood has shown us, he most alarming result of prohibition was creation of organized crime. HBO has a new series depecting this very problem in Alantic City, New York and Chicago, but it was in everyone decent sized city in the country. Al Capone made an estimated $20 million with over 10,000 speakeasies contributed under his management.

The repeal amendment was introduced February 14, 1933 and required the approval of 36 states to pass.  By December 5, 1933, 37 states had approved the amendment and Prohibition was repealed with the adoption of the 21st Amendment to the Constitution. 

What had America learned? We will see that as we started dealing with the problem of alcohol treatment, many felt that we are too liniate in our practices of governing the sale of alcohol in our country.


The idea of a disease in alcohol and drug addiction has evolved over the past two hundred years.  In earlier articles we have traced American society’s response to addiction, which led to an attempt to keep alcohol out of the hands of the public, but when that failed, Americans began looking for alcohol and drug treatment that could address addiction at an individual level, but be applicable to everyone.

In the beginning of this movement heading towards alcohol and drug rehab, Alcoholics Anonymous' followers were the only ones that saw addiction as being separate from mental illness.  They admitted that the addiction to alcohol will produce symptoms that are similar to psychiatric problems, but once the addictive substance is removed, the mental problems cease. 

In the early days of alcohol and drug treatment, the psychiatrist took the attitude that it worthy of their expertise, so they left drug treatment to others, but as this profession showed potential for hugh profits, it became more and more necessary for psychiatry to establish itself as the leader in alcohol and drug treatment.

The argument of whether addiction was an incurable disease became an important consideration to establish reasoning for doctors to be the leaders in this field.  The first proponents of a disease model of addiction come from Benjamin Rush (1745-1813) of the United States.

Rush stated: “distilled spirits were regarded as "strong nervous system stimulants" the excessive use of which would create an "imbalance" in the nervous system, it was a relatively straightforward step to identify alcoholism as a "disease" in which alcohol is the causal agent, loss of control over drinking behavior being the characteristic symptom, and total abstinence the only, effective cure”.

E. M. Jellinek further the cause for alcoholism adn implicitedly addiction as a whole was being a defined as a disease was the life cycle of alcohol addiction of an individual which included tolerance, withdrawal symptoms and either loss of control or inability to abstain.  Jellinek saw that the medical professional had turned its back on the treatment of addiction and he believed that establishing it as a disease would renew interest in drug treatment and increase availability. 

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, the DSM, established credibility for the medical and psychiatric communities to consider addiction a chronic and progressive disease.  Once this was established, it was BUYER BEAWARE because hospital chains, like Charter Hospital, began taking advantage of this open and untapped market.

You need to have realize that our organization usnderstands and has lived through this history, which makes us very capable of seeing through the delusional smoke and finding you a treatment center that works!

We can help you find an appropriate treatment program that works


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